September 25, 2018

Update on Life in 2018

It's been eight months since my last post, and even before that, my posts were sporadic.  Since we moved, I have felt like my creative juices, motivation and energy to decorate dwindled severely.  I missed this little outlet but felt like I didn't have anything worthwhile to share.

January through May, I trained for my third marathon, the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati, and finished in 4:17.  We drove out there and stayed with my aunt, which was SO MUCH FUN! Since I didn't meet my goal of breaking 4 hours, I got a crazy idea to attempt to break 4 this November in the Richmond Marathon.

Training this summer has been alright due to humidity and work travel.  I normally run here and there in the summer and get back to a training schedule at the end of August.  This month training has gotten better; it started to feel like fall, I quit my part time job at the beginning of the month, and this week is my last week at my current job. It was a difficult decision, as I have a truly wonderful boss (and her boss!) but over my almost two years working from home, I learned I need to be around people.  Working from home is very isolating.  Mike works nights, so when I sign off between 5:00 - 5:30, we have an hour together before he leaves for work.  This summer was really difficult for me.  I have learned so much from my boss and her boss in my 3.5 years there.  While I will forever be grateful I had this opportunity, I am looking forward to being back in an office setting, making lunches, picking out my clothes for the week, etc. (and I do have the option to WFH as needed. 🙂)

In May, I turned 30.  My dad came up that weekend to visit.  We ventured out to Connecticut and he showed me where he grew up. The next day, we went down to the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome to see old planes.  On my actual birthday (which was on Mother's Day), we went to the Albany Tulip Festival and met up with Mike's parents. Afterwards, everyone came back to the house and we cooked out.  It was a BEAUTIFUL spring day.

Memorial Day weekend, my sister and her family came up to visit. Even though it rained, we had the best time catching up and hanging out.

At the end of July, I went out to Colorado to visit my cousin and her little family.  The trip was quick but so much fun.  I hope to get back and spend more time visiting and exploring.

We've also worked on the house a little this year - I'll work on the following posts to share.

  • February, we finished the hallway painting project, that included painting the stairwell (downstairs foyer, stairwell, upstairs hallway.)
  • In March, we painted our living room.  
  • In August, we redid our bedroom
  • Yesterday, we replaced our front door.  We bought the door and the paint back in May and our schedules finally aligned to tackle this project.

With my new job, I'm hoping by getting out of the house, I can appreciate being in the house if that makes sense.  I'm hoping my joy and creativity will come back and I can share more on this little blog.