January 31, 2018

Washing Our Pottery Barn Slipcovers

A few years ago, we ordered our sofa and loveseat - the PB Comfort Roll in Parchment Twill - from Pottery Barn.  Eight weeks later, they were delivered as we moved into our first apartment together in NJ.  You can ready more about those details in this post.

With family coming over for Christmas, I knew they were way overdue for a washing but with no pets or kids, they weren't looking grimy.  We also don't eat on them anymore since getting a dining table and we are a shoe free house.  To be honest, I was intimidated to wash them. What if they shrunkWhat if I couldn't put them back on?  When we got a new washer and dryer this past summer, (our washer broke in July and the dryer was on the fritz during the home inspection) I specifically wanted a top loading machine with no agitator for the sole purpose of washing the slipcovers!

I had some PTO to use at the end of this past year, so one of the days was spent washing the slipcovers.  As they washed, I cleaned the rest of the house in preparation for Christmas Eve. (You can see more pictures post-wash here.)

It wasn't bad at all! It did take a good portion of the day, as I washed them in 4 loads:
  • 4 loveseat cushion covers
  • loveseat slipcover
  • 4 sofa cushion covers
  • sofa slipcover
Before they went into the washer, I vacuumed them, checked for any stains, and pre-treated the stains with Shout.

I followed the washing instructions for my fabric, as shown in the image below.  They washed beautifully.

After washing, I placed them in the dryer on medium heat for 40 minutes, removing them while they were slightly damp.

For putting the slipcover back on, I referred to this Pottery Barn video for help: How to put on a slipcover.  I then went over any wrinkles with my steamer.

Overall, it was fairly simple AND I got a good workout in, running up and down the basement stairs all day! 😉 Going forward, I plan to wash them quarterly, using this schedule: March, June, September, December, as the seasons change.

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