May 31, 2017

Our First House | Home Tour 6 Weeks In

We have been in the house for six weeks now and it feels like home.  The biggest change we've made so far that made it feel more like us was painting the kitchen.  We both are drawn to cool tones and the house was/is very brown and dark.  It really is amazing how paint can transform a room.

I am still waiting on my electrician (AKA Mike ๐Ÿ˜‰) to hang the lantern.  I ordered these schoolhouse pendants to replace the existing ones over the island but they are on back-order until mid-June.

Neither of us like the accent granite on the island, but it's something we'll live with since 1. it's expensive to replace and 2. this isn't our forever home.  The before photos are from the listing.

We still have no table and chairs but since it is just us, we've been eating at the bar.  I've been looking on Craigslist for a cheap dining set in the meantime to complete the room until Mike's work schedule calms down and allows him time to make our table.

This room was a nightmare to paint.  The walls above the beadboard and chair rail required 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint.  The beadboard also required 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint... I was burnt out, so I stopped at one coat.  If you notice, there is a brown strip above both radiators.  I still have no idea how to remove them to paint behind them.  When they finally do come off so we can clean and I can paint, I'll do my second coat of white then.

Walls: RH Silver Sage color matched at Sherwin Williams in Emerald (satin)
Beadboard: Behr Ultra White in semi-gloss
Trim: Trim was already white, so I didn't paint it

The walls are a little tricky to photograph, so each one looks a little different, but I'm really happy with how the color turned out!

Three of the recessed lights are burnt out. I wish it was as simple as replacing a bulb,
but the entire can comes out of the ceiling... another thing I'm learning.
Also I have a taller terracotta pot and saucer coming for my olive tree on the island,
which was a birthday gift from my coworkers :)

Notice the new door hardware in front of the radiator! Goodbye 80's gold.

You'll notice I also primed the 6 panels on the front door.
I really want to replace it with a Craftsman style door.

These are the gold door handles and hinges I'll be replacing with oil rubbed bronze.
I'm hoping to replace the doors with a 2 panel door as I think it will complement the Cape Cod style.

Still left to do on our list:
  • Install lantern
  • Install pendant lights upon delivery
  • Replace mini blinds with about 2½ inch blinds
  • Replace bathroom and basement doors + hardware
  • Make farm table
  • Purchase 6 chairs


We haven't done much in here except hang the TV above the fireplace.  The wall color is growing on me, but I still think I will tone it down a few shades.  I found the paint can in the basement -- it's SW Basket Beige in case you're wondering ๐Ÿ˜‰.  The wall that the fireplace is on is an accent wall (not sure what color it is) but my plan is to have all 4 walls the same color.  Stay tuned!

For each angle below, the listing pictures are first, then mine.

Still left to do on our list:
  • Run TV cords behind wall
  • Replace mini blinds with about 2½ inch blinds
  • Drapes - maybe
  • Paint
  • Wall art


This room is such a blank canvas.  We know we're going to be ripping up the carpet but we're not sure what we're going to replace it with yet.  My immediate go-to is hardwood flooring; however, upstate NY is much colder than anywhere I've lived before and it was still freezing in the sunroom in May.  We've discussed replacing it with new carpet but we both like how easy hardwood is to clean and maintain.  Tile is out of the question!

Should we paint the wood a creamy white or leave it as is?

We don't have any furniture for it yet (besides my new Craigslist bench).  Any design/layout/furniture/flooring ideas are welcome and appreciated!

Listing photos:

Our only furniture in the room:

Our to-do list:
  • Replace carpet
  • Figure out what purpose it will serve for us


This is just a pass through for us to get from the kitchen to the living room and vise versa.  We use the backdoor because of the proximity to the driveway/garage.

No big plans here except to paint, replace the light fixture and remove the runner.  No matter how many times I've vacuumed it, it still feels dirty.  As noted above, I'd like to replace the existing front door with a Craftsman style one like this.

I don't have any "before" pictures, but this looks the exact way as when we bought it.


I have to commend the previous owners on their landscaping.  The yard is beautiful and so peaceful.  

Apple trees and mountains across the street.

LOVE all of the stacked stone and the Japanese Maple in the corner and the Azaleas.

They had a large garden area in the back, so Mike planted tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, broccoli, celery, squash and pumpkins last week.  I'm probably forgetting something.

He also picked up a few annuals for pops of color.

We removed a fish pond.  I realize people pay good money to install one, but it wasn't something we liked.  I'm already a mosquito magnet, so a still body of water didn't sound pleasant! (We couldn't figure out the fountain, hence why it was a still body of water.)

I don't have any "after" pictures since it is still a work in progress (this was just last week).  We did plant a Rhododendron on the end of the sunroom (behind where the statue is in the above pictures [yes, statue was removed too].)  I bought 3 Winter Gem Boxwoods from Home Depot over Memorial Day Weekend, so those will go here along with some hydrangeas and hostas.

Rhododendron pre-planting

Coleus, Boxwoods (to be planted), Adirondack chairs and more of the previous owner's landscaping, including another Rhododendron.

Back of the house.  My camera settings were set to indoor settings - sorry!
This was after Mike removed the fish pond (far left).

This is why I've been MIA on the blog front.  I'll work on doing a better job of regular updates as we tackle the projects I shared above.   Thanks for stopping by!

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