December 25, 2017

Christmas Home Tour

Merry Christmas! We have a white Christmas here in New York. About 4-5" of snow fell overnight, a serene sight to wake up to.  Yesterday, we successfully hosted our first holiday gathering, Christmas Eve dinner. You can read more about the menu and planning here. It was so much fun having our family over and 100% stress-free thanks to the Holiday Planner and Schedule, linked in my Christmas Eve post.

And photos from Christmas Eve dinner last night :)

Gingerbread place settings - a tradition my paternal grandmother had when she hosted!

Bayberry wax comes from boiling the berries and skimming off the precious wax coating.
It is the rarest and most prized of all candle waxes.

According to tradition, to bring good luck, you must burn a Bayberry Candle on Christmas Day.
If the flame burns bright and the light shines clear, then heaven will bless you throughout the year.

Merry Christmas!

December 22, 2017

Hosting Christmas Eve Dinner

A dream of mine is finally coming true this weekend - getting to host a holiday dinner! I've been collecting/inheriting dinnerware + serveware for about 10 years.  Now that we are in our first house and have a dining table, it was the perfect opportunity.  We'll be having Mike's family over for Christmas Eve dinner on Sunday since he has to work on Christmas Day.

I finalized the menu last week and the timeline earlier this week.  Here is what is on the menu for 8 people:
King's Arm Tavern Sweet Potatoes recipe (from Colonial Williamsburg)

And this is how I've kept my sanity all week!  This schedule and checklist were a lifesaver.  Literally.  Dinner Planner and Setup Checklist (via Jenny Steffens Hobick)

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas! Do you have Christmas tradition(s)? What are your plans for Christmas this year?

December 3, 2017

Christmas Decorations at Colonial Williamsburg

While I was in Virginia over Thanksgiving weekend, my dad and I spent Thanksgiving Day afternoon in Williamsburg. Neither of us could remember the last time we were there and the idea of walking down Duke of Gloucester Street was enticing. Growing up, I used to go for grade school field trips but never appreciated history as much as I do now. Virginia has so much history to offer - I highly recommend making a trip if you can!

Since the 2017 Colonial Williamsburg Grand Illumination is today, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share.
There are a lot of pictures...

Fun fact: In my childhood home, this was the house my dad modeled our exterior colors after!
I'll have to find a picture to share.

Clearly I liked this house!

Look at the architectural details

King's Arm Tavern