September 16, 2016

What to Pack for Race Day

Tomorrow I'll be heading down to Philadelphia for the Rock n Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon to run my 11th half marathon on Sunday.  Within the last 12 months, I've found myself choosing 1-2 destination races a year because it gives me an opportunity to see a new city and make a mini vacation out of it.  Knowing I have only a few days to explore forces me to narrow my itinerary down to the best dining, shopping, and sightseeing (and I haven't been disappointed yet!)  To see more of my Nashville Rock n Roll Half Marathon trip, click here.

Below is a list of what I pack for race day that I can't live without.
  • Oatmeal and a banana - I prefer to measure out my own travel pack instead of buying the prepackaged kind (complete with a spoonful of brown sugar).  I have found that the Original Old Fashioned Oats keep my energy level steady longer than the instant oatmeal packs.  I also bring a serving size of almond milk and a disposable bowl and spoon- it's just easier than trying to track one down at the hotel (speaking from personal experience, of course.)
  • Sunscreen - My dermatologist gave me this sample size of SPF 100 sunscreen.  It has been great to throw in my zip pouch, knowing I'll be exposed to sun* for a couple of hours.  (*Being optimistic that it won't rain on race day!)
  • Body Glide - The chafe is real. And it is painful. Apply liberally!
  • Ibuprofen - I like to pack just in case.
  • Monogram Zip Pouch - My boss gifted this to me last Christmas. It is perfect for keeping all of my little items together in one place so I'm not searching for it race day morning. You can find on Etsy.
  • Shot Bloks - I've tried a few brands on the market and Clif Shot Bloks have worked best for me.  Strawberry is my favorite.
  • Wipes - I discovered Revive Body Cloths when they arrived in my Tone It Up Motivational Mail package. Now I'm hooked and use these on my face after every run.
  • Hat - A necessity no matter what the race day forecast is.
  • Balega Socks - I swear by these. The Endure No Show is my go to. I haven't tried anything better. They are about $14/pair and have good cushion to prevent achy feet and blisters while running.
  • Compression Socks - Pro Compression socks are great to wear to help with muscle soreness by increasing blood flow.

If rain is predicted:
  • I pack a trash bag to stay dry while waiting at the starting line.
  • I braid my hair so it doesn't end up in a tangled rat's nest.
  • Dry clothes to put in my checked bag to change into post run.

I also plan to buy these Oofos Recovery Sandals when I am in Richmond the next weekend.  I tried them on when I was at the Fleet Feet Short Pump store and have decided these are probably going to be a necessity as my marathon training mileage increases.


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