September 26, 2016

Moon and Stars Sugar Cookies

As promised, I'm sharing the recipe and icing how-to for the Moon and Stars Sugar Cookies from the Moon and Stars Baby Shower post.  One of my favorite blogs I follow is Everyday Occasions.  Jenny has quite the knack for entertaining and hosting and each season she shares charming seasonal cookies she and her daughter Emma have decorated.  I thought I would try my hand at baking and give her sugar cookies and royal icing a whirl.  They were a hit- literally.  Zero left over.  I asked for my family's honest feedback and they LOVED them.

I tested this recipe out about 6 weeks prior to the shower since I knew I would be baking them in New Jersey and transporting them to Richmond.  They stayed fresh for a whole week!  I was glad I made the test batch because it honestly helped so much with my week-of prep timeline.

Since I knew they would stay fresh for a week, I made the dough on Tuesday night.  The recipe says to place in the refrigerator to chill for 20 minutes, but I wrapped it and let it chill until Wednesday.  Wednesday, exactly 24 hours later, I unwrapped and rolled out the dough.  The key is to roll it out thin- about 1/4" so they don't spread and lose their shape while baking.

The recipe + my size cookie cutters made 5 dozen cookies.

Then on Thursday after work I made the icing and decorated them.  I have to give all of the credit to Jenny for this one- the recipes and icing colors amounts.  I used her guide for The Perfect Powder Blue for the stars and The Perfect Baby Chick Yellow for the moons.  The color was made with Williams-Sonoma's Food Decorating Paste and an edible marker from Michael's for the faces.

I improvised and set the pastry bag in a pint glass to hold it upright while I scraped the icing from the
Kitchen Aid bowl since I didn't have a second set of hands.  It worked great!


Crate and Barrel Lawrence Platter (no longer available but you can find the Lawrence Serving Tray)

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