November 18, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Tybee Island

This past Fourth of July, Mike and I vacationed on Tybee Island for two days. The island, nicknamed Savannah's Beach, is located on the eastern most point of Georgia, about a 20 minute drive from Savannah. The island offers plenty of charm and fantastic dining options throughout its three square miles. Knowing we wouldn't be able to try all of the restaurants on this trip, I wanted to make sure we ate at establishments recommended by our friends and family. We ended up deciding on AJ's Dockside Restaurant and Tybee Island Social Club.

Simply charming. My favorite house on the island that we passed
while walking to AJ's Dockside Restaurant for dinner.

Enjoying the sun!

AJ's Dockside Restaurant is on the southwestern side of the island, overlooking the river. We lucked out going early as they do not take reservations. Upon arriving, the hostess gave us our choice of seating- all with prime views of the river! After looking over the menu, we decided on the same thing- house salads with balsamic dressing (the best balsamic we've ever had I might add!) and grilled chicken sandwiches. Yum!

During our walk, we noticed we only had 382 steps to AJ's left to go :)

House Salads and Grilled Chicken Sandwiches

I'll be honest, the Bacon Bloody Mary's are what drew me to Tybee Island Social Club. Located along the main road, this place is every bit relaxing and refreshing. The eclectic decor, made-from-scratch menu, and friendly staff made for a pleasant escape from the afternoon sun. I wanted to order everything on the menu!

The Best Smoked Vodka Bacon Bloody Mary Ever came highly recommended and did not disappoint! It was almost too pretty to consume. Almost. Since I couldn't be on just a liquid diet, I also ordered a side salad and fish taco. The fish taco was a white fish marinated in fresh lime juice with a strip of bacon, pear puree, chorizo and fresh cilantro. Ahhh-mazing. Mike enjoyed the Social Burger. Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough to snap a picture! We left feeling replete and knowing we would be coming back the next time we visit Tybee Island.

A quaint covered porch.

Tybee Island Social Club's delicious menu

"The Best Smoked Vodka Bacon Bloody Mary Ever"

Fish Taco, Side Salad & "The Best Smoked Vodka Bacon Bloody Mary Ever"

Mike found the deer on the island ;)

Patiently waiting for our food with my natural beach waves!

 Until next time, Tybee, thank you for the great food and memories!


  1. Sounds so fun! I'm hoping to have some more trips to Tybee soon and since I've never been to either place, I'll have to check them out!

    1. You should! Mike and I are hoping to go back next summer!